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Just saying the words sexy mens panties gets me hard. I love wearing them, I love being seen wearing them and I love the way they feel. I know I am not alone in my feelings because the market for sexy mens panties has exploded along with sexy swimwear designs. That new is great because not only do I love shopping for, wearing and seeing other men wearing sexy panties the same goes double for extreme and sexy swimwear styles. Many men still refer to panties as underwear but the fact is they are now much more similar to the sexy panties the ladies wear than the men's underwear of old. Sexy mens panties come in many shapes and sizes from hot skin tight short shorts to ultra micro pouch only panties that just cover the penis. Many of these designs can be ordered in spandex and they can offer you double duty as swimwear and panties, how sexy is that. I started this site because I enjoy panties and I would love to see all men no matter what shape, size or age switching out of those old brief and boxer style underwear and in to sleek and sexy panties. Walk into to any busy gyms men's locker room and will notice the bulk of men under 30 are already wearing hot panties, bikinis, thongs and once in a while G-strings along with super hot micro shorts. Many men between 30-50 are doing the same but seem to be switching at a slower pace. I find it interesting that many men in their 50's and 60's that are extremely fit seem to have made the switch too. I guess if you are working out that hard you might as well strut around in a tiny bikini or thong. The same can be said for swimwear styles. It is a huge trend in the men's swimwear business that men are getting rid of the baggy shorts and Speedos and going full on sexy. The only thing I have to say is it's about time! Why should the girls have all the fun? I have included links to my favorite extreme panties, swimwear, sex wear, tights and even a couple kinky sites like cock rings and male chastity. Enjoy!

Men's sexy panties

Male to female transformation panties, swimwear and workout shorts are all the rage. The penis is reshaped into a vagina. It's beautiful and feel s amazing!

Sexy men's panties

Enjoying Life with Your Sexy Men’s Panties

Some guys enjoy wearing boxers and others like to wear sexy men’s panties. There is nothing wrong with either of these decisions in life but one of them is going to be having a lot more fun during their stay on this earthly plane of existence. Not you might be thinking that the guy wearing boxers will be the one having all the fun in life but you would be wrong. Sure they might have a lot of money or something like that but the guy wearing the panties will definitely have more fun in their lifetime. This is because the guys that are wearing sexy men’s panties are carefree and willing to try new things in their lives. They are wild people to hang out with and are more likely to wander off the beaten path in order to see what life really has to offer them. They aren’t bored old men sitting in an office all alone on a Friday night but rather they are out there living life to its fullest. So who do you want to be?

Sexy Men’s Panties Can Make Your Life Happy

I love wearing sexy men’s panties and I am not afraid to own up to that. In fact, I like telling the people I am around that I am wearing my panties even if they look at me weird for doing so. I think every guy should be out in the world wearing something that they enjoy whether it is spandex body suits or men’s panties. If everyone suddenly became afraid to live then this life wouldn’t be worth too much in my book. I want to experience as much as possible and one of the only ways I can do that right now is by wearing my sexy men’s panties every day. If I can get just one other guy to at least try wearing something like this once, then I have done my part to make humanity a little bit better in my opinion. I know that a lot of people have issues with guys wearing items of this sort, but I am not going to let the negativity of others dictate the way I live my life of happiness. Why would anyone want to do that?